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The name Victoria was born from a strong desire of one of the founders, the administrator, Vittorio Chiappetta,
who has always been attracted to this fascinating name.
Victoria, from the Latin victory, success, wants to be a good omen for an important entrepreneurial step.

The logo takes shape with the initials of the surname of the entrepreneur brothers.
The choice of the purple color was dictated by the profound meaning that this color assumes: Purple, in fact, is the color of metamorphosis, of change.
We strongly wanted to insert the shell symbol within Victoria's vowel, which literally takes on important meanings.

The official headquarters of Victoria is located in the beautiful setting of Rende in Via E. Maiorana - 28 where competent and qualified staff will be present.
The services that Victoria offers are many:
TOUR OPERATOR: tour operator service; creates, develops and realizes tourist packages, organized trips, congresses. Victoria gives the possibility to make reservations in high-class and luxury environments and places.
TRANSPORT SERVICE BY BUS AND VEHICLE WITH DRIVER CAR RENTAL: Victoria has a large rental car park that has small, medium and large cars for any need and / or event. Victoria does not stop with the rental of cars only, but also runs with the rental of minivans and freight vans without driver, but also with a professional line that has aerial platforms and mechanical construction vehicles.
SUPPORT FOR THE SUPPLY OF VEHICLES FOR FILM PRODUCTION: Platforms, vans, stage cars, vintage cars.
WEDDING SERVICE: Victoria gives you the opportunity to use car / minivan / coach services for the most important day of your life. Victoria also, through consultancy services, thanks to a partnership with the National Road Accident Institute, provides the customer with solid help in the event of a claim by providing fast and optimal settlement of the damage by insurance companies.


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Conchiglia as BEAUTY:


For the Victoria team it is of primary importance to take care of the beauty of the different products. Positively attracting the customer's gaze is the primary goal.
Attention to detail, such as the logo, social communications are part of the beauty concept signed by Victoria.
Beauty also understood as dedication to organizational and administrative management which plays a decisive role in the company.
Beauty interpreted as the quality of services, from the competence found in the company to the availability with customers that distinguishes the Victoria team.


Conchiglia as LUCKY:


It is easy to try luck, difficult to build it.
Deciding to expand, design and build a new business is certainly synonymous with a lot of courage; courage in trying to build a fortune that we hope will never stop assisting Victoria.


Conchiglia as a RESURRECTION:


We come from years of fear, of stop, of stop.
The global situation that the whole world has suffered for two very long years has put a lot of human lives to the brink, not sparing them.
Lives do not spare even as regards the entrepreneurial figure.
The symbol of Victoria is therefore, a symbol of resurrection, rebirth, recovery from the greatest and uncontrollable problems.
Victoria was born in the most dramatic period of our era, in the period where economic increases do not remain indifferent to companies.
Victoria represents the strength of the entrepreneur who, despite everything, decides not to give up and understands the various requests from an increasingly demanding clientele today.

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