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Explore the Roots of Your Culture: Welcome to CALABRIA IN THE HEART

Are you ready for an adventure that will take you back to your roots, exploring the priceless beauties of our beloved Calabria? We are thrilled to present "CALABRIA IN THE HEART", a program designed specifically for you to rediscover the wonders of your homeland. 


Discover the Magic of Your Home: In collaboration with the best experts in the tourism sector, we have created a tailor-made itinerary that will take you through the most iconic and evocative places in Calabria. From picturesque hilltop villages to sun-kissed beaches, we will pass through lands you only know through family tales.


Tailored Travel Services: Our commitment is to make your return home an unparalleled experience. From arrival to departure, we offer you a wide range of personalized travel services, including: 

Assistance Upon: We will welcome you warmly at the airport and accompany you to your accommodation.

Expert Tour Guide: Discover Calabria's best kept secrets with expert local guides who will make you fall in love with every corner of the region.

Shuttle Service: Move conveniently from one location to another with our shuttle service, ensuring a stress-free travel experience. 

Car Rental with and without Driver: If you prefer to explore in total freedom, we put high quality cars at your disposal with or without driver, to allow you to travel at your own pace. 


Authentic Experience, unforgettable Memories: "Calabria in the Heart" is not just a journey, but a journey through time that will allow you to reconnect with your roots, savoring the authentic culture, gastronomy and hospitality of Calabria. Every moment will be an opportunity to create memories that will last forever.


Book Your Trip Home Now: Don't miss the opportunity to return to your origins and live an unforgettable experience in Calabria in the Heart. Contact us today to book your trip and prepare for an adventure that will touch your heart and soul.



Calabria, a land rich in scents and colors , which preserves natural beauties that manage to satisfy everyone's tastes, from lovers of the sea, through those of history and culture to nature enthusiasts. Let's discover together some of the beauties of Calabria , which in addition to the sea and the coasts has much more to offer: National and Regional Parks, archaeological sites, castles, abbeys, villages and wonderful historic centers. We can offer you many very interesting itineraries not to be missed.



It is called the coast of the Gods and is an excellent opportunity for an itinerant trip from beach to beach, from north to south of the Region. Tropea has just under 7000 inhabitants, yet its historic center is a rich puzzle of historic buildings, noble palaces and beautiful squares.

The historic center of Tropea is very beautiful and visiting this seaside town without taking advantage of its beauties would be a shame.

The historic center of Tropea is embellished with noble palaces from the 18th and 19th centuries. Some of the terraces and houses that overlook the rocky cliff of Tropea offer the privilege of enjoying one of the most beautiful panoramas in Italy, one of those that deserve a thousand lunches and a thousand breakfasts outdoors.

Pizzo Calabro


A dip in the crystal clear water of the Tyrrhenian along 55 kilometers of splendid coast: from Pizzo Calabro to Nicotera the sea of the Costa degli Dei in Calabria never disappoints. Splendid white sandy beaches alternate with jagged rock ridges and small solitary coves. Let's discover together the most unmissable places in Calabria, on a journey to rediscover all-Italian beauties. The Costa degli Dei: where it is located between Nicotera and Pizzo Calabro, over 55 kilometers of coastline stand out. Those arriving by plane can rent a car at Lamezia Terme airport, the closest airport, but the Costa degli Dei is now also well connected by train and bus. Ideal location for a trip to the bush on the road, to discover places, flavors and breathtaking sunsets.

Capo Vaticano

capo vaticano.jpeg

For beach lovers, La Costa degli Dei offers breathtaking views, sunsets overlooking the Aeolian Islands and magnificent beaches. One of the most striking things is the sheer variety of landscapes and the peculiarities of the individual places.

In addition to the more famous beaches of Tropea and Capo Vaticano, which have been popular tourist destinations for years, it is still possible to find small towns where you can enjoy peace and tranquility and uncrowded beaches.

If Nicotera, for example, is characterized by purely rocky beaches and hidden coves, the entire area from Tropea to Capo Vaticano is instead famous for its sandy beach.

Le Castella

le castella.jpeg

In the municipality of Isola di Capo Rizzuto, there is a millenary corner, the hamlet of Le Castella. What most attracts us arriving here is the imposing Aragonese fortress within whose walls glory, misfortune and history intertwine, making this place as fascinating as it is mysterious, just as the presence is surrounded by mystery, attested up to the 16th century, of two or three islets nearby, in one of which, called Ogygia, the nymph Calypso, sung by Homer in the Odyssey, would have held Ulysses. The castle of Le Castella, with its irregular shape, appears stretched out over a small peninsula over the sea, where it appears in all its grandeur to dominate the whole bay, a very popular holiday destination.



Altomonte is a small treasure chest, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy , from a distance you can already see a picturesque village in the mountains, at the top you can see the Norman Pallotta Tower unchallenged on one side and the Castle on the other, now used to hotel, and the nearby Church of Santa Maria della Consolazione from the 14th century with its imposing bell tower. Already in those days the small center was a lively artistic centre. The artistic heritage of those years has been well preserved until today, so much so that today we can consider Altomonte a beautiful fourteenth-century city of art, and its importance is recognized throughout Italy.

Sila plateau


The Sila National Park , established in 2002, manages and protects some of the most evocative and wild areas in the heart of the Calabrian region, between the provinces of Cosenza, Catanzaro and Crotone . The Sila plateau, covered for about 80% by pine, beech, chestnut and fir woods, extends over an area of 73,695 hectares and includes the areas of Sila Grande, Sila Piccola and Sila Greca. The Sila Grande extends in the center of the massif, almost entirely in the province of Cosenza and includes the most populous and active areas of the plateau: Camigliatello Silano, San Giovanni in Fiore and Lorica. This is the best known and most frequented area due to the presence of well-organized winter sports centers in the area, with the ski resorts of Monte Curcio in Camigliatello and Monte Botte Donato, the highest peak of the plateau, in Lorica, equipped with ski lifts and four ski slopes that make up the Cavaliere di Lorica complex.

san nicola arcella.jpeg

Arco Magno

and S. Nicola Arcella

The testimony that Mother Nature exists on the beach of Arco Magno is quite evident. In this village of just under 2,000 inhabitants, San Nicola Arcella , pristine beauty explodes in all its beauty. The path to get there is not the simplest, but once you arrive the panorama that will open before your eyes will be unforgettable: an arch of rocks suspended over the sea will frame spectacular water in front of you and you will seem to find yourself suddenly inside a postcard!

A real opportunity not to be missed!



Lose yourself in the narrow streets of Chianalea di Scilla, stop for dinner in one of the fish restaurants and end your walk at the Belvedere in Piazza San Rocco. From this wonderful city terrace you can enjoy an enchanting view of the Ruffo di Scilla castle, the beach of Marina Grande and, above all, the beautiful Strait of Messina, almost touching Sicily. At any time of the day the panorama is breathtaking, but get there at sunset, when the sun meets the waters of the sea in front of you: you will be speechless!

santa severina.jpeg

Santa Severina

Not many people know that pearl that is Santa Severina, a Calabrian town in the province of Crotone also called 'the stone ship', which with its baptistery, castle and cathedral represents perhaps the most important Byzantine testimony in Calabria. But in addition to being a historical place of particular interest, Santa Severina dominates the entire valley of the river Neto, it is also one of the most beautiful medieval villages in all of Italy: it is worth a visit, perhaps accompanied by an iced coffee or a brioche with the ice cream!

isola di dino.jpeg

Dino Island

The island of Dino, the larger of the two Calabrian islands, is not known exactly where it takes its name from and for centuries it was dribbled between pirates and different populations. It was later privatized, so much so that at a certain point it passed into the hands of the Agnelli family. Only recently has it returned to the Italian State, which has thus welcomed back under its wing an uncontaminated territory made up of incredible caves and seabed bordering on the unreal. You will thus be able to enjoy one of the most beautiful marine landscapes of the beloved Calabria, this could be the place that transmits tranquility, a natural beauty to be experienced.



Skiing in Calabria looking at the sea and beyond, splendid villages, but also the mountains. In the heart of the Aspromonte National Park , in fact, it is possible to ski! The first mountain tourist resort in Southern Italy, Gambarie is located at an altitude of 1,400 meters and is special above all because from its ski slopes it is possible to simultaneously admire the smoking Etna on one side and the Aeolian Islands on the other! You can imagine the wonder of skiing with the impression that at the end of the slope you will find the sea, and in this fantastic place you can also ski in the summer with the highly innovative Hi-teck slope.


Victoria Italia has shown only some beauties of Calabria, there is so much more to discover!!! Contact us for information on the CALABRIA IN THE HEART program, we will surely find the right solution for your needs 0984-653228

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